Meaning of Dreaming with Fish [ Large, Alive, Dead, Fried, … ]

The great majority of the surface of our planet is composed of water, and fish live in the same water, from seas, rivers, lakes, etc. So it is normal to dreaming with fish.

With that in mind, what might seem weird, ends up becoming more normal, since they are literally everywhere and part of our day-to-day life as a meal and stuff.

Curious is that something that has the aspect of being always the same and therefore can always mean the same or something similar has immense variations and meanings, depending on its format and more important, it states.

Ready to get to know more about this and so already know what it means next time you have a dream with this animal?

Let’s go then.

All Meanings of Dreaming with Fish

Dreaming with Fish Big

Of the most common, is to dream of a big fish, those who weigh heavily and you can barely grasp with both arms.

If you are an experienced fisherman or go fishing often, it may mean nothing, but for those who have nothing to do with this activity, there is certainly a reason.

The most likely is to represent a great change in your life, and for the better, being able to go through your job, family environment (e.g. having a child), quality of life, etc…

Be ready for this change and enjoy it in the best way because it is not something that happens every day and also should not be something 100% right, so please stay focused and committed.

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” Alive

In a simple way, it means fulfillment and satisfaction.

Things will go well with you even when you thought you did not, just being optimistic and doing things the way you know to be correct.

It is a time of some luck, and you have to take advantage to start new projects and explore new options in your life.

dreaming with fish meaning

” Small

Dreaming of small fish is a representation of the little things you’ve been ignoring in your life, those little problems that you find insignificant.

The truth is that some of them will sooner or later prove to be bigger than you thought and this will hurt you if you keep the same attitude towards them.

Small or not, if it is a problem you must solve it and so make sure you have done everything to make things go smoothly and without any regrets that you have left something unresolved in the past.

” in Aquarium or Tank

This fish will be somehow stuck in a very small space and have your freedom reduced, and that’s what you should be feeling in your life in a way.

That has become very routine, that feels trapped in that bubble, that lacks the freedom to do new and different things, which is impossible to change already.

Having a small thought is what makes all of these things true.

Free yourself, expand your horizons and do not be so afraid of risking new and unfamiliar things, as long as you prepare well, everything should go well, and if you do not run, just learn from those mistakes.

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For more dream meanings, here are some:

” Fried

It is a sign that you are being recognized for the work you do on a day-to-day basis and that you will probably be rewarded for it very soon.

Sometimes we think that striving will not do anything, that things are impossible to change, but in most cases, this is just truth in our head.

Do not put limits on yourself that the future will open you more doors with time for sure.

dreaming with fish alive

” Dead

Dreaming with dead fish can have two meanings, which are similar and both will be negative.

Or it represents a very good opportunity that will come to the forefront but you will go for some reason waste it, and it can be for many reasons, from not realizing this opportunity until you have no preparation to achieve it.

It may, however, also represent the inevitable failure in that project that you insist on trying to accomplish but deep down you know that it is something that has no future.

Dreaming of Many Fish

Dreaming about a lot of fish usually means you feel lost and swallowed up by everyday things.

Tasks to do, emotions, other people… It is a mess inside your head that is preventing you from living life as you would like it and also being more successful on all levels.

Get rid of all these thoughts, just focus on what you think is essential and important, and do it the best you can to achieve better results.

” Colorful

Dreams with colored fish have different meanings, depending on the color presented. See below:

  • Bluefish means the predominance of positive thoughts;
  • Redfish is a sign that negative thoughts are taking over your mind;
  • Green colored fish indicate that you have been selfish;
  • Yellow or orange-colored fish mean that past events still exert great fluency over the decisions you make nowadays;
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Finally, if you dreamed of a goldfish or exotic fish, know that this is a harbinger of material prosperity accompanied by delicious adventures.
None of these statements can be taken with 100%, and that is the source of all reason, you should just follow as an indication and pay attention to these things in particular.

We say this because what you dream is a manifestation of your subconscious, and it is not by your subconscious to say something that you really have absolute certainty that it will be so.

And then, have you learned more about the meaning of dreaming with fish, big, small, colorful, alive, dead, aquarium, etc…?

Please answer the last questions in the comments along with any questions or suggestions you may have after reading this article.

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