Meaning of Dreaming of Kissing [ on the Body, Mouth, …]

Dreaming of kissing is usually linked to love and affection, after all, it is one of the best ways to express these feelings and also the one of passion and affection.

So that way this kind of dream may be tied to your need to relate to someone or even to the person you dreamed about kissing.

Get to know the main types of kiss dreams now and their most possible interpretations.

All Meanings of Dreaming of Kissing

Dreaming of Kissing on the face

Dreaming of kissing on the face is usually a good dream, as it refers to the feelings of loyalty that exists in you, or the person you love, or towards you and your family and friends.

So in this way, this kind of dream denotes these interesting feelings of affection and brotherhood which certainly indicates a lot of happiness in your relationship.

” in the Mouth

To dream of kissing in the mouth means that you are a person who has protection and enjoys security.

These issues can be manifested in your material life with advancement in your career and even higher financial gains.

Try to remember if you kissed in the mouth of the loved one or some unknown. The second case indicates that you are desirous of a relationship, but this dream also brings an alert so that you act always forewarned using prudence and analyzing very well the people who will appear in front of you for a possible relationship.

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dreaming of kissing

” Stolen Kiss

If you had a dream with a stolen kiss then it indicates that you have some repressed desires, however, you should release them so that you can resolve a possible conflict in your heart.

What you must do is seek to act with those thoughts of positivity forgetting aside any fear or fear of fulfilling your innermost desires.

This explanation is given when you dream that you stole someone’s kiss. Now, when you dream of someone stealing your kiss, there is a meaning for it.

It could be an alert for you to prepare for an unforeseen event, but you do not need to be worried because after all, it’s nothing so serious.

It may just be a surprise that you will not be much pleased, but it certainly will not leave you so affected.

” in Unknown Person

If you had a dream that kissed an unknown person, this is your subconscious indicating what it is you need to stop a little to know yourself.

The point is that some part of your personality has been causing problems and negatively influencing your attitudes.

This has hindered their personal and professional growth.

For you to get out of this situation and achieve your ideals, you must undoubtedly change your behavior.

” with Tongue

A tongue-kissing dream certainly refers to something pleasant and indicates that you can do what you think you do not have the courage to do.

That way if you had a dream with a tongue kiss then be happy because it is a good omen. It may indicate luck in love.

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” a Person who has Already Died

If you have had a dream about kissing someone who has already died is certainly no reason for despair.

Rest assured that this is indeed a good sign.

This type of dream indicates that you will have a long life and excellent health, and this is proven even more if the person you kissed was a family member or friend.

This kind of dream also has a different meaning. In this second case, it means that you have spiritual protection.

” in the Neck

Dreaming about kissing the neck has the same feeling you feel when someone actually kisses your neck.

This type of dream indicates that there is a lot of passion and desire internally the person who kissed you, so what you should do is to go looking for it without loss of time of that person that makes you so happy and desirous.

” a Person From the Same Sex

If you had a dream that there was a kiss with a person of the same sex that means that you are already on a level of life where you accept and recognizes its most basic principles of either femininity or masculinity.

And then, have you learned more about the meaning of dreaming of kissing, whether it be in the body, the mouth, the face, etc…?

Please answer the last questions in the comments along with any questions or suggestions you may have after reading this article.

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