Meaning of Dreaming about War [+ All of Them ]

Dreaming about war mainly refers to issues of disorders in the life of the dreamer. There is also a very strong relationship with problems within the family and at work.

There may be times when you receive unpleasant visits or news, but being in a war can also mean that you are fighting for your ideals and thus getting the results.

Check out the main dreams of war and its meanings now.

All Meanings of Dreaming about War

Dreaming about War of the Middle Ages

When you have a war dream that happened in the Middle Ages means that you are fighting.

Their current struggle is in relation to problems since they are seeking a solution for them.

This kind of dream can also refer to the romantic side of things, especially if in this war of the Middle Ages there was a search for ideals and an appreciation of honor.

” Dying in the War

This kind of dream can be a warning to you that in the wars of everyday life you are not reaching the desired victory.

There can be some traumas stored inside you and accompany you at various times in your life.

These are issues of the past but have not been resolved at the right time and for this reason, you are going through situations in life that have greatly discouraged you.

dreaming about war

” are Seeing a War

When you have a dream in which you see a war, this means problems with you in relation to the order.

It may happen that some disorder is taking over one or more sectors of your life and you have got into difficult situations, but you have also tried in many ways to get out of these situations but it has been much harder than you might think.

Despite this, there is no reason to be discouraged, for how much difficult a problem or situation is, there will still be a way out or a solution for it.

What you should do is seek to understand and find out what were the reasons that led you to find yourself in this situation.

When you find the reasons you can seek help from others like family and trusted friends. Know that in this battle you do not have to fight alone.

At this point, you should stop to listen to the advice that people have to give you. They will certainly help you find the way out since you will look at different points of view.

” Weapons

For this dream, there are many meanings and everything will depend on the weapons you saw in the dream.

Depending on the type of weapon in this war that you visualized in the dream can mean mass destruction, and there even includes the battlers. This indicates that you yourself have been able to bring evil to yourself.

This dream is very common in people who have low self-esteem, since being in this condition are constantly self-destructing at all.

They have negative and offensive thoughts and end up attacking themselves, which is why you dreamed of weapons of war, but you must understand that this is not your role because you are not your own enemy. Know that you are your most trusted and best friend out there.

” War in a Country

Dreaming about war in a country means the need for an organization in your mind, especially in your thoughts.

This indicates that there are many unnecessary and even exaggerated concerns and fears. You have kept within yourself traumas and never revealed to anyone.

This type of dream reveals that you are afraid of fights and being attacked by people. Know that this is one of the many in vain thoughts that you keep in your mind because people will not attack you from one moment to another without even having done something.

What you should do is seek to see life the way it is and without fantasizing it. Do not let these fears take over your mind. They are not real.

Try to organize your thoughts by doing that cleansing in your mind and putting real ideas online.

And so, did you know more about the meaning of dreaming about war, whether it was in the Middle Ages, you were watching, fighting, etc…?

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