Meaning of Dreaming about Urine [+ Various ]

Dreaming of urine can have several meanings. The principal ones refer to the strength and vigor that exists in you.

It may also be linked to the difficulties that may occur in life, mainly financial and the work side.

The main types of dreams with urine will be listed in the sequence and you will be able to compare with the dream you had and thus get the interpretation.

All Meanings of Dreaming of Urine

Dreaming of Urine in Bed

Dreaming of urine in bed (being yours) means the difficulties you encounter in relation to communication. So it’s time for you to try to overcome this shyness.

You may try and engage in activities involving communication with the public, such as theater, music, and other arts.

You can also keep a notebook type diary where you will write daily situations or people that make you feel shyer.

Knowing this create strategies to overcome those moments or people and focus on taking shyness out of your life. By doing so, you will get very different results from what you have been experiencing.

” in the Bathroom

If you had a dream, you are pissing in the bathroom and that is a good omen for your life.

It means that your emotions and feelings that are some time repressed will be transformed and the problems that arise will no longer exist.

Try to get in touch with people more to socialize. It does not matter if these people are your acquaintances or if you have never seen them before.

This task is for you to experience new airs and prepare for a new cycle that will come in your life.

dreaming about urine

” in Public

If you had a dream that is urinating in public then there is no reason to despair, there is no panic in this story because the meaning for it is something good for you.

It is likely that in the last days, months or years some things have taken away your sleep, but believe that dream came to say that the end of these things is already coming.

No matter what difficulty and where you are suffering. Even if it is in love relationships or between friends or even in the family.

Note that someone might try to help you at that time. So accept and thank from the heart. Be aware that you should stay put to help this person if one day she will have problems too.

Strong Urine Smell

Dreaming of a strong smell of urine can be very tied to your financial life. This indicates that in some future you will have economic prosperity.

This prosperity may come to life in more than one moment and may also be concomitant.

For example, you may receive a pay raise, or earn extra money from a service, or even from a game.

Drinking Urine

Dreaming about drinking urine is not a good omen for you, so it is necessary to prepare because there will be disagreements within your workplace.

It is not clear where the focus of this understanding will be, it can be envy between the person who works directly with you or even someone you know little and who works in another sector of the company.

What you should do from now on is to be careful with your words, measure them and all your actions. You should also try to stay away from the potential of misunderstandings.

Do not get too involved in the next few days because some error of either attitude or word can get you out of the company and this will cause problems.

Is not Able to Urinate

You may even wake up very nervous, anxious and afraid after you had a dream and could not urinate, but rest assured that this is a good omen for your life.

This dream came to say that within a short time your problems and concerns will find the end.

You may be experiencing difficult times at this stage, but the horizon for a happier and healthier new phase is already in sight.

You should try to keep yourself emotionally well and always have faith and seek to do good things. There is no doubt that you will be able to enter this new phase that will cheer you up.

And then, have you learned more about the meaning of dreaming of urine, whether in bed, bathroom, in public, etc…?

Please answer the last questions in the comments along with any questions or suggestions you may have after reading this article.

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