Meaning of Dreaming about Ships [ Sinking, Anchored, … ]

Dreaming about ships indicates success in professional and personal life. It is usually tied to coming times of much gift and bonanza.

Get to know the main types of dreams with ships and their meanings.

All Meanings of Dreaming about Ships

Dreaming of a Sinking Ship

Certainly dreaming of a sinking ship is not one of the best dreams, but it indicates that you have lost your emotional control for a moment.

When you have that dream, it is because there is a need to turn your attention to your emotions and your feelings.

It may be that in the present moment you are faced with some difficulties that, for example, may be making you very insecure and fearful, imagining that you may lose what you have had so much trouble to conquer.

What you should do from now on is to have more attention and care.

You need to calm your body and soul and give time to time by understanding that things happen not exactly the way you want them to.

It is important to know that the control of all things does not belong to us. Just trust in everything that is predestined for you, and this action will yield you an excellent result.

” Sailing in Quiet Waters

Dreaming of a ship sailing in calm waters indicates that there will be joy and much happiness in your life. There will still be many accomplishments within your family.

Try to remember if the water beside quiet also were crystalline. If yes then add happiness to the fact that there is also fidelity between you and your family.

dreaming about ships

” Sailing in Agitated Waters

Unfortunately dreaming about sailing in rough waters is not a good harbinger for you. This dream came to indicate that very soon you will go through a turbulent phase.

There will be fighting and there will also be much suffering.

Anguish will be like the choppy waters that tend to set up your ship, but you should always cherish its control so that you will never be stranded.

” Abandoning the Ship

When you dream of abandoning the ship, this means your attachment to the emotions and completely forgetting the side of reason, but you should not do it that way.

It is necessary for you to understand how life works and to let everything flow in a way that can lead you forward, always on the go.

Then this dream came to indicate to you that it is also necessary to abandon what you are strongly attached to as the emotions.

It is time to focus on the rational and also the intellectual side of things. Take analysis and you will be able to see life and everything around you with greater clarity.

When you start acting that way your life will change significantly and you will see that much desperation, pain and affliction will no longer be part of your life.

” Anchored

If you like to travel and have a dream where there was a ship anchored, then it is a reason to rejoice because this dream indicates that very soon you will make a trip.

The fact that a ship is anchored means that it is connected to the new place.

In a way, he is stuck in this place and this may indicate that on this trip you may like the place so much that you wish to live there.

Also, a second interpretation is for those people who are seeking to change their lives. That’s because an anchored ship has this meaning of a new place.

There will be the possibility of meeting new people and doing new activities and this will give a new air to your life.

” Fleet of Ships

If you had a dream with a fleet of ships, then be glad because that means there will be a success in your ventures.

It is very interesting if in this dream you can remember where you were in relation to the ship. Were you inside a ship or were you looking at the fleet somewhere?

If you were inside some ship, then this means your skill and leadership power that your team recognizes in you.

If you were observing the fleet, it means that you work with an excellent team and that is why there are great conditions for you to benefit.

And then, have you learned more about the meaning of dreaming about ships, whether it’s sinking, awake, etc…?

Please answer the last questions in the comments along with any questions or suggestions you may have after reading this article.

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