Meaning of Dreaming about Police [ Military, Being Arrested, … ]

Dreaming about police usually sends a warning to you: if you are not experiencing any problems, prepare yourself because some will come.

In this case, the ideal is to stop and keep calm to conclude in a positive and satisfactory manner that meets your requirements and those of everyone involved in the situation.

It is also correct to interpret the dream with police as its authority indicating what and how it should act.

This is motivated by the need to follow your standards, rules, and principles based on discipline, morals, and ethics.

All Meanings of Dreaming about Police

In general, dreaming about the police indicates that problems will come, but calm is the first step in solving the problem. Moreover, these dreams can refer to the need for discipline, to act morally and ethically.

Dreaming about the police may also point to the need to self-polish, to guard against certain situations that could lead to problems.

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If you had a dream with the police, then see below the interpretation that best fits with your dream.

dreaming about police

” Arrested by the Police

If in your dream you were arrested, this is a most precious warning for you to at least triple your care and attention with the greater intention of avoiding hassles.

To correctly interpret this dream it is necessary to distinguish whether you were only detained or whether you should be arrested. nIn the first case, in which you were only detained, then this means a forced feeling of change in your personality.

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That is, this situation is bringing you discomfort because you do not want to change but something is inducing you or even forcing you to change.

For the second case, you are being harassed and you must be innocently apprehended by the police, so this is a dream that you do not have to stress about. What you should do is just breathe and relax.

That means you owe nothing and will easily overcome some rivalry.

”  with Military Police

Military police are usually represented by standards, authority, and command obedience.

If you dreamed about military police, then at least two interpretations are possible.

The first is related to the fact that you broke some rule, and the military police came to your dream because of your fear of being penalized for that mistake.

The second interpretation is linked as a symbology: you are being invited to react or treat as more seriously some situation in your life.

” Civil

For you to have in your dream the civil police is because they certainly took some action or made some choice in the distant past or near.

It may also happen that you have information considered privileged on some subject of extreme importance. And this refers to your real life.

In both cases, you fear that both choice, attitude and insider information will be revealed to others.

This brings you into concern because, in a certain case, you do not want your personal issues to be known in public. Concern also extends over what to do with this insider information. You are still in doubt and looking for the best attitude to take.

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Dream that you are a Cop

To dream that you are a cop is a good dream, and also easy to interpret: in him, you represent yourself as full of morals and ethics. It’s more or less what we all expect a police officer to have as a characteristic.

This means that you actually act with these characteristics in your day to day life. Part of your conscience is a sense of morality that leads you to act this way.

To dream that you are a policeman is the same as to reveal to you an important mission: to be an example of morality, honesty and ethics for society.

And then, have you learned more about the meaning of dreaming about police, be it civil, military, being, prisoner, etc …?

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