Meaning of Dreaming about Knives [ Sharp, Broken, … ]

Dreaming about knives usually refers to misunderstandings between you and some person and the meanings may vary from who you dreamed was male or female.

In case a woman has dreamed of a knife, this may suggest a disastrous union or she will do some very painful work, but you do not have to worry because everything that comes to your life will be one day pass and you will be free.

Get to know the main types of knife dreams now and their most likely interpretations.

All Meanings of Dreaming about Knives

Dreaming of the Table Top Knives

If you are dreaming about knives on the table, then this predicts two situations: The first one is necessary to know if the knife was with the tip facing you. If so, you will be severely affected by someone.

For the second situation, try to remember if the cable was what was pointing at you. In this case, the interpretation is that you will be the person who will hurt another.

” Two-Edged

A dream like this means that you will be a kind of conciliator in some discussion or moment of discord of ideas.

The interpretation of this is as if you were the judge and was in your hand with a double-edged sword. You will be the person to establish peace between two people.

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dreaming about knives

” Blind

This is not a good omen and says a lot about your feelings and your love relationship.

It may indicate sentimental or physical betrayals. The feeling you will feel is that you are brutally attacked and that someone is using you with a blind knife that sticks but can not cut.

” Sharp

Dreaming with a sharp knife requires you to be careful. Most likely you will join a personal fight that may even be a melee fight.

This fight can be with a person who is very close to you, but the more impressive it can be for some very futile question, so what you should do from now on is to be careful when you start some discussion.

Leave the place and escape from that situation.

” Broken

Dreaming of a broken knife is not a good omen and this usually leads to financial problems in the very near future.

This time is for you to pay close attention to your financial life especially if you have the idea of starting your own business from then on.

This is because the financial situation may not be the best and will hamper the realization of your plan. What you have to do is postpone that idea a little more.

” of Kitchen

It’s a kind of dream that comes to warn you about your food.

There is something that needs to be adjusted, for example, you should include something on your menu or even eliminate another definitely from your life.

This is the time for you to annihilate all bad eating habits. They certainly will no longer be part of your life.

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The idea is that you do not do anything wrong and do not rush. So seek out a health professional who can be a nutritionist to know exactly what you can and can not and what you should and should not do and eat.

No need to worry because after all, he is putting you in is one of the best ways of life, which is to live well and healthily.

” Dirty with Blood

If you had a dream in which a knife was dirty with blood, he came to warn you that very soon you will present the justice of Brazil.

At this time you need to take some precautions and update all your documents so that no one will find loopholes in your civil situation. If you are a person who practices illegal actions, this is the ideal time to let go of all this.

Know that if you are practicing illegal and illegal acts you are on the verge of being discovered, then as soon as this happens you will also be reported.

And so, have you learned more about the meaning of dreaming about knives, whether it’s sharp, broken, blind, etc …?

Please answer the last questions in the comments along with any questions or suggestions you may have after reading this article.

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