Meaning of Dreaming about Kidnapping [ of Someone, Friend, … ]

Dreaming about kidnapping then you have the impression that you are being trapped in some way. It refers a lot to sentimental and spiritual issues. It may be that you are stuck in something or someone.

Meet the most common dreams with kidnapping and see their meanings.

All Meanings of Dreaming about Kidnapping

Dreaming of Child Abduction

When you have a dream of child abduction, you need to take some precautions. First is to analyze everything that is around the child whose appearance in the dream. It is important to know that a child is usually very innocent and so can be easily deceived.

Then notice if there is anyone or anything trying to kidnap this child, but a dream like this is not just for a child. It can also be aimed at an adult.

In this case, the interpretation we have is that some situation or even people may be trying to take from you that peace and tranquility that children know well.

Even if you are an adult, there is still a little child inside you, but do not worry because it happens in all people. What to do is not let this inner child be kidnapped.

Dreaming about Kidnapping Someone

In this case, you may have dreamed that you are kidnapping a person. Everything indicates that you are trying to take something from someone, or else envy someone, whether positive or negative, in some posture or characteristic of a person.

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That dream is extrapolating that ardent desire in you to possess that or that person.

What you should do is stay calm and live your life as it is. You have to know that it is practically impossible for you to kidnap a trait or posture of a person, but that dream can also have a second meaning.

For this case may be related to loving desire. It may be that you are looking for someone who is far away, or who is not interested in you.

In that case, you can even act. Try to innovate in some situations. Know that you are a unique person and have skills that other people do not have.

dreaming with kidnapping

” Friend

When you dream of kidnapping a friend this will usually be coupled when you are experiencing a situation where you are more time away than close to someone else.

Another situation also applies when the friendship between two people is cooling down and you no longer have the intimacy and freedom of before.

Dreaming about of Being Kidnapped

This type of dream is a reflection coming from your subconscious of how you are currently. You can refer to emotional restrictions because you are experiencing an emotional problem.

It may be that you are facing problems to achieve your goals because something or someone is creating obstacles in your way.

This dream alerts you to the possibility that you are moving away from your goals for these external reasons. What you should do is try to return to the path originally planned.

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You may be giving too much attention to day-to-day issues that do not have much significance. Try to retake the path even if you need to redo the plans to achieve your goal.

” of Boyfriend

When you have a dream in which your boyfriend or girlfriend is abducted this usually indicates that you are afraid of being betrayed by your boyfriend or girlfriend.

You often feel as if someone is taking you from the right place, from where you should be.

The kidnapping of your girlfriend or boyfriend fits perfectly into this dream because it represents his or her abduction in relation to you.

” of an Unknown Person

Dreaming about kidnapping of an unknown person may not be a good omen, as it indicates that you will receive bad news.

This will not only be in the news you will be harmed with the result, since there may be problems in your various relationships.

Prepare yourself because there will be many arguments, disputes and perhaps even the undesirable betrayals in the love relationship.

And then, have you learned more about the meaning of dreaming about kidnapping, whether it’s from a friend, a stranger, a boyfriend, etc…?

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