Meaning of Dreaming about Flood [ Dirty Water, Clean, etc …]

Dreaming about flood can have several meanings, but usually refers to questions about our total life.

It is common for this type of dream to be linked to feelings and also to desires.

Depending on how you saw the flood you may feel certain anguish, in which case it probably refers to sexual issues. In other words, on this occasion, you certainly have repressed sexual desires.

It is also common for dreams with flood to represent their inner state, their strength shaken and conflicted and it may be motivated by some news we have known, but it may also be revealing much about our lives.

Generally speaking, it is associated with the feelings of the people who dream about their worldview, as well as the desires for the future, as well as those repressed desires.

We will now know the meaning of the main types of flooded dreams.

All Meanings of Dreaming about Flood

” of Clean Water

To dream of a flood of clean water usually is a very good omen.

If in your dream you saw that everything around you was flooding with lots of clean water, the interpretation for that matter is certainly that things are beginning to go to their proper places. It means that your life is being cleaned and that everything out of place is coming back and hitting you.

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This dream may indicate that changes with clean water are already occurring or will start very soon in your life.

This clean water from the flood means greater clarity in your emotions and feelings.

dreaming about flood

” Dirty Water

This type of dream is usually tied to you drowning in the flood and that brings back the feeling that you are powerless in the face of a particular situation.

This situation may be the result of recent suffering, for example, the loss of a loved one or friend or even the end of a long-lasting love relationship.

Dirty water means there is a lot of pain in the situation and you are disbelieving about the possibility of recovering even in the long run.

This type of dream is a warning for you to change your style and pace of life so that dirty water from the flood will give way to clean water.

” and Heavy Rain

There are dreams only with a flood, but also some people have dreams involving the flood and the rain, so if you dreamed of flood and heavy rain, cheer up is a good sign.

Dreaming of flood and heavy rain is a sign that financial problems will be overcome.

You may even find that during the execution of some life plan something is going to get stuck because of the financial side, you will not be successful, but be encouraged because although there are obstacles along the way, these financial problems will give way to profit.

” River

Generally, the flood of a river leaves the waters quite agitated. This is certainly a sign that there will be problems.

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The difficulties are already knocking at your door and what you should do is seek help and comfort that at this time only family and friends can offer.

The idea is to focus on overcoming this tribulation caused by the troubled waters of the flood of the river.

” Floods your House

This is a sign that there is a certain intrusion into your life. Notice that your expression and feelings are being repressed, and you are increasingly closing in on yourself, but be careful because this attitude can bring serious damage to you.

So what should be done in a situation like this is to get someone you really trust and talk very frankly.

Talk about your problems and what oppresses you, and you will be able to feel, with just that attitude, an extreme relief in the emotions.

” Out of Home

To interpret this dream, it is necessary to make the direct relation with the meaning of home. For us, the house is our fortress, where we certainly feel good, so if you’ve had a dream of flooding out of the house, this may mean you are not properly protected and you end up feeling insecure.

The idea at this point is to seek to know what is making you insecure and fragile.

Then look for possible solutions to counter this.

And then, have you learned more about the meaning of dreaming about flood, whether it be clean, dirty water, rain, etc…?

Please answer the last questions in the comments along with any questions or suggestions you may have after reading this article.

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