Meaning of Dreaming about Butterflies [ Black, Blue, Yellow, … ]

Dreaming about butterflies, in general, refers you to positive events.

It can mean, lots of luck and prosperity in various aspects of your life, as in love and health.

Remember that butterfly is synonymous with transformation and evolution. In this way, dreaming with a butterfly reflects the idea that you will experience great positive transformations in your life.

We will list the main dreams with butterflies and you can see which one fits with what you dreamed and check out what are the main interpretations of these main types of butterfly dreams.

All Meanings of Dreaming about Butterflies

Dreaming about Butterflies Black

Dreaming about butterflies black colored is a warning for you to be more discreet.

What you should do is control your energies for those people in whom there is trust between you and them.

One must be aware because it is evil in many people and many places and sometimes it comes slowly coming that we do not even notice, it also makes a butterfly. Be careful and analyze things well and people.

Do not be fooled by your attitudes or your face. Look carefully at the words and do not deceive yourself with angelic faces. The dream came to give you this alert.

You need to be careful about the people around you, especially those who come in softly without even being invited.

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dreaming about butterflies


” Blue

At first, it is interesting that you know that wisdom is represented by the color blue. Then a blue butterfly dream indicates maturation as the fruit of wisdom.

This dream came to tell you that it is time to mature and put into practice your knowledge, using the wisdom acquired.

Stay alert to all forms and sources of information, such as books, courses and many people who already have a life history of many experiences.

All this can help you walk safer and less distressed.

” Yellow

It is also necessary to indicate that the yellow color means prosperity and that dream with a yellow butterfly came to tell you that it’s time for you to experience moments of harmony and wealth through positive attitudes.

It is necessary to thank for all the people who are by your side and who at some point of the walk can bring you happiness and show you the path of joy.

” Dead

Dreaming of a dead butterfly means that you are suffering from sexual oppression. This way, this dream refers to your sex life.

What should be done in the face of such a dream is to talk directly and honestly with your partner and look for a new path that can bring much more pleasure.

If necessary, seek a psychologist or even a trusted friend for an open conversation so that he can help you too.

The latter case is applied to the times when you are not finding the solution to your repressed sexual desire.

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” White

It is interesting to know that the white color represents peace.

Soon if you had a dream with a white butterfly, this surely means that you should seek peace between yourself and the people.

The interpretation indicates that you should forgive people even if at some point they have done you wrong.

This is because the time has come to put aside all sorrows and seek inner peace and with all the people around you.

” Brown

The color brown reflects the inner need of someone to camouflage in order to adapt to a new situation, so dreaming of brown butterfly refers to some inner transformation.

You are probably putting aside the ambitions and some illusions of life to establish a change that implies seeing life as it is.

” Many Butterflies

If you had a dream with many flying butterflies, then prepare yourself because a trip is already near.

Note that if these butterflies were flying over some Garden, this indicates that there will be happiness and prosperity in your life.

If these flying butterflies were colored the meaning is that there will be a new love in your life and together you will be happy.

And so, have you learned more about the meaning of dreaming about butterflies, be it black, blue, yellow, etc…?

Please answer the last questions in the comments along with any questions or suggestions you may have after reading this article.

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