Meaning of Dreaming about Bats [ Flying, Biting, … ]

Dreaming about bats can be interpreted by people as bad. After all, he is an animal that only walks in the dark. It is often used extensively in horror films. For these reasons we always associate it with bad things.

And what if you started dreaming about bats?

Certainly, after having dreamed of a bat, you woke up in panic and despair. And the idea he took was that of a terrible and bad omen.

All Meanings of Dreaming about Bat

It is important to know that there are over a thousand species of bats in the world, but only three of them feed on blood. That’s why not every dream with a bat means bad.

The point is that our ideas are already focused on the association between bat and problem.

Many bat dreams can be simple warnings about some detail of your life.

For example, your life can be quite monotonous and you are already so accustomed to it that you do not receive more.

It can also be to make you aware of some situation and alert you to changes that will soon happen.

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Follow below the main interpretations of dreams with bats.

dreaming about bats

” Flying

Dreaming about bats flying is a very important warning to your married life.

There are likely to be bouts of jealousy constantly and this could be prejudicial for the marriage of the couple.

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If these crises of jealousy are allowed to happen, the separation will surely come. But the dream with flying bat came to alert you of this problem and to suggest that you take some action to save your marriage.

The idea is to combat these crises by placing trust in your partner.

A good conversation can leave everything on clean plates, and prevent the spouse from acting in ways that insist on jealousy. Be frank and mature in this conversation.

” Biting

This dream does not reflect a good omen. Here it is not just the lion that bites its wealth, know that dreaming about biting bat means there will be a financial crisis in your life.

This is actually an alert for you to prepare yourself. Preferably, set aside some savings so you do not get too tight during this coming financial crisis.

But do not worry, the bat will not bite for long. After all, he bites and leaves immediately. The comparison you must make is that this crisis will not take long.

Dreaming that sees a Bat, but doesn’ t have Fear

These kinds of dreams are good. If you dreamed about a bat but were not afraid, this could mean that you will succeed in some project in life.

This project may already be in progress or is still in the planning stage.

The moment is of animation, because difficult as it is to perform, you will celebrate for the realization. But know, you should take the help of your friends and family to achieve your goal.

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” Black

In fact, the bat itself already recalls the darkness of the night, and for many people it’s black color already conveys the harbinger of some problem.

Usually the end of something, such as the end of a love relationship, loss of employment or a course, and other similar issues.

It can indicate the world that revolves around you. In that way, watch out for things, objects, and people that are very close to you.

It must also look for possible problems or sorrows that apparently have no meaning, appear for no reason.

What you should do is watch the world around you, and try to shift your thinking to something positive.

Dreaming of Many Bats

The dream with just one bat can already be frustrating for many people, so imagine if that dream shows up many bats!

Certainly the feeling will be of despair and concern.

In fact, it is necessary to stay on alert 24 hours because problems of sorrow may suddenly arise without an apparent reason.

But on the other hand, this sadness may have a motive. The point is that you will be more vulnerable to this feeling.

And so, have you learned more about the meaning of dreaming about bats, whether it’s flying, biting, etc…?

Please answer the last questions in the comments along with any questions or suggestions you may have after reading this article.

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