Meaning of Dreaming about Bananas [ Mature, Green, Rotten, … ]

Dreaming about bananas usually refers to positive omens throughout your life.

So if you had some of the various types of banana dream, rejoice because none of them will be a warning of danger or trouble.

Some of these dreams may even be a warning but to show you what your need is and which direction you should take.

All Meaning of Dreaming about Bananas

Usually, it is linked to meanings that refer to stability. All this can make you feel and be perceived in your financial situation, in your work and during the search for solutions to problems.

Dreaming about bananas means that you are about to gain control of your genius and your ego.

And this will bring positive amounts to your life since your friends will be closer to you and likely to help you.

The banana dream can also mean a repressed sexual need. The dream tells you that you need to have sex with someone. This is interpreted in the shape functions of the banana and the male sexual organ.

If you are dreaming about bananas, try to remember that dream and make the comparison to get the correct interpretation.

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dreaming about bananas

We will now list the main interpretations dreams with bananas.

” of Banana Mature

This type of dream has to do with your professional side and extends to your work environment and the people with whom you carry out your activities.

The meaning of dreaming of mature bananas is that you are already very close to reaching a level where you will be considered a respected figure within the organizational environment.

And know that this is the result of their experience and maturity and that these guarantee attitudes that generate greater production.

These actions are those that will guarantee their autonomy, prestige and respect before the other employees of the division.

” of Green Banana

Contrary to the dream interpretation with ripe banana, this means that you have not yet reached the right degree of maturity to achieve the ideal concept.

With this, be alert: if you are planning to do anything, be very careful, because due to its immaturity and not fully prepared, you will have to face some difficulties.

But that does not mean you should just fold your arms and just wait.

Actually, what must be done is to keep fighting without being discouraged, because the moment will come when you will have acquired the necessary experience and will be totally ready for that particular activity.

” of Many Banana

This is a good dream, especially for your financial life.

This kind of dream reminds you to harvest a good harvest in your business. It means, in this way, financial prosperity.

You will go through a time of economic stability and during that time you will live with enough to have a great life.

It is up to you to know how to act rationally so that when a difficult future comes, you will have reserves of this moment of stability.

” with Rotten Banana

This type of dream also refers to your place of work.

It is a warning that there is currently some discord which implies losses and constraints on your part, with a little productive result.

Remember that with this dream, the measure you should take is to not drop the level so that you will not be harmed.

To do this, try to work harder, doing your best and giving it your all so that production and problems with other employees and even bosses do not surface.

” with Fried Banana

It means that you are undertaking or will make some effort at something.

The interesting thing is that all this effort will be worth it and you will get the expected result.

That means you’re about to change your life, and for the better! Just keep believing and following the way you are so soon the reward will come and you will thank!

And then, have you learned more about the meaning of dreaming about bananas, ripe, green, rotten, bunch, fried, etc…?

Please answer the last questions in the comments along with any questions or suggestions you may have after reading this article.

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